Life & Serious Illness cover


Having Life & Serious Illness cover plans can help protect your family if something were to happen you. It protects your family financially if you die, and can provide your family with a lump sum if you suffer from a Serious Illness covered under your specific plan. We also provide Mortgage Protection cover, please let us research the market on your behalf so we find the best cover that suits both your needs and your pocket. 

Life & Serious Illness Cover can also provide you with a replacement income which could be used to pay your bills if you cannot work as a result of illness or injury after your chosen deferral period. If you would like any more information on a Life/Serious Illness/Income Protection policy, please contact us through our "Contact us" section and we will be in touch with you immediately. 

Income Protection

Income Protection

While Life cover pays out after you die, Serious Illness Cover pays out while you are living.  Even for those who have savings behind them, a long term illness or period of time out of work could mean real financial hardship.  Unfortunately the bills don't stop, the mortgage still has to be paid and so do all your monthly financial commitments.  Protecting your Income can aleviate the financial pressure and worry should you be unable to work due to illness or injury, leaving you to concentrate fully your recovery.  The State Disibility benefit is currently €193 per week and if you are self-employed, you are not entitled to anything! If you have an Income Protection policy, you can claim income tax relief at your marginal rate, making the premium more affordable and tax efficient! 

Planning for your Retirement - Pension

Planning for your Retirement

Planning for your retirement is one of those things we keep putting off putting in place.  Quite simply, once it is set up, that is most of the hard work done! Your pension aims to help you ensure that your retirement years are spent doing the things that you've always wanted to, without having to worry about money.  Planning is key here.  So whether your intention is to take out a pension or you have one already, but would like it reviewed, we would be delighted to look after you. Alternatively, if you are about to retire shortly, please give us a call to discuss and go through your options that are best for you and your family. Should you have accumulated several pensions from previous employments, we would be very happy to go through these with you and see if we can make your life any simpler. 
Investments, Bonds


At Caulfield Financial, we provide access to a vast range of investment funds, designed to cater for all types of investors. By using our "Risk Profile Calculator", you have the opportunityto invest in a range of funds, which in turn invest in assets such as: equities (company shares), property, Government & Corporate Bonds, and even in the more specialised asset classes such as water, energy, & ethical Investment opportunites. We are able to provide you with an investment solution that can suit you, whether you are a cautious investor or a more adventurous one.